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Beyond the Visible - Hilma af Klint

Ort & Datum

Beginn: 13:53 Uhr




Datum 2019

Filmschnitt Antje Lass, Mario Orias

Regie Halina Dyrschka

Trailer Beyond the Visible - Hilma af Klint

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The first abstract artist was a woman: misjudged and concealed, Hilma af Klint rocks the art world now with her mindblowing oeuvre.
Hilma af Klint was a visionary and a pioneer and paitned
This course-correcting film is not only about her art and craft in life but also about the role of women in art history and the discovery of an art scandal. This is a cinematic approach to an artist whose seeks for meaning in life and a boundless thinking that led into an outstanding oeuvre. Her paintings crossed borders to communicate with our innermost feelings today.

Critics' reviews
"A must for anyone who cares about modern art."
Sheri Linden: The Hollywood Reporter

"[It] provides a thoughtful survey of its subject. It’s enriched by the dazzling charisma of her art and limited by the scarcity of biographical material."
A. O. Scott: The New York Times

"It’s more than worth a look — not only for its careful illumination of the artist’s biography, plus an abundant representation of her luminous paintings, but for the way in which it exposes the obstacles af Klint and her legacy faced."
Christopher Knight: Los Angeles Times

"One of the best films I’ve seen about fine art. It casts an entrancing spell that allows the staggering depth of its subject’s work to consume us (…)"
Matt Fagerholm: rogerebert.com

"[It] is here to introduce us to a remarkable woman and her revolutionary work (...) Dyrschka does all this gracefully, and without any evident agitation (…)
Norman Wilner: Now Toronto

"This detailed account of the life and works of Swedish artist and sometime mystic Hilma af Klint makes a compelling case for rewriting art history umbers (…)"
Kevin Maher: The Times